1. Paytm merchant account is good and has good features like 0% fee and everything but this brand is not trustable, as it is holding merchants received payments after few months probably 2 or 3 months, and not credited to the linked bank account. I have faced it, and my friend too had the same problem. I run food court van in Hyderabad as my side business, and most of my customers are IT people, they pay using PayTm, and some part of my received payments around 10,000 got stuck with PayTm. When I started calling to their customer care about this problem, my hard work has not paid off. We would have all proofs like Marchant payment received date and time in the statement but PayTm does not process that amount to the Merchant linked bank account. They pretend you will get your amount by end of today but which do not, and the same story repeats every time I call their customer care number, day by day our patience will be exhausted and we ending up the day by leaving that amount. This is the story happened to us, and I heard the same problem with some other merchants as well. I suggest Merchants to go with other payment ways even they are charging little, otherwise, you will be ending up your day in touble by holding amount with PayTm.


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